IDG Contributor Network: IT transaction success begins with setting expectations

The current IT transaction paradigm is replete with challenges and, as is too often the case, outright failures. Why do so many IT integration initiatives fail? Why are so many projects late and over budget, without delivering the expected promises? Our tools are better, faster and more sophisticated; why haven’t our project successes matched our ever-increasing technological abilities?

Peering into the abyss: The peril of a simple question with a not-so-simple answer

In my prior role as CIO at a middle-market oil and gas company, I was in a meeting with the CEO and all of his direct reports, my peers. He was leading a discussion about a potential corporate acquisition, which would double the size of the company once we signed the deal. In the course of the meeting, he asked me this critical question, “How long will it take to complete the overall IT transition and system integration, and how much will it cost?” 

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