IDG Contributor Network: KTLO is not just radio stations

What is KTLO? A set of radio stations in Mountain Home, Arkansas, playing “America’s best music?” Well, maybe, but that’s not what I’m discussing today. KTLO is the amount of effort an IT organization puts forth to maintain a hypothetical steady state. OK, that didn’t help much. Let me try again: KTLO is the effort by an IT organization to support and maintain the things the company has done previously. KTLO does not include the effort to develop or enhance new capabilities.

OK. So what?

The portion of the IT budget going to KTLO — or “keeping the lights on” — is important. The edge cases best make my point. Imagine the two extremes: 100% of the IT budget is devoted to keeping the lights on and, separately, 100% of the IT budget is available to do new things.

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