IDG Contributor Network: One day wearables will save your marriage

There is a current global surge in popularity of the use of “wearables” for various health and fitness applications. The beeping of fitness watches and devices is the ever-present soundtrack to gyms and tarmac these days as people embrace the information age.

Recently, intensive research has examined the use of biometric data in prediction models for human interactions.

Potentially, you could wear a device on your wrist that could warn you that you were about to have a fight, and consequently suggest appropriate responses. Problems arise in most marriages usually due to some form of miscommunication.

These wearable devices alert the individual of rising emotional responses using physiological data and thus can provide a point of intervention by either party. For example, as your temper rises because your spouse has left his socks on the floor, your device vibrates in response to your rising heart rate and issues a message to take a deep breath. This could essentially stop arguments before they occur and remove the pressure of conflict resolution.

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