IDG Contributor Network: The pain of legacy-to-digital transformation is an epidemic

Unless it was born in the digital-age, your enterprise is likely to suffer from the chronic pains of legacy-to digital transformation – locked-in budgets, lacking innovation, tired organization, mismatched skills, unabating vendor issues, unbearable complexity and bureaucracy, and the list goes on. The problem is not you, your management team or your company’s culture; it is an epidemic caused by the shortcomings in the digital-age of a 60+ year old operating model, which is ubiquitously used by traditional organizations to manage enterprise technology.

In earlier articles, we lengthy discussed the short-comings of the traditional enterprise IT operating model, a.k.a. efficient IT, and suggested an alternative model, a.k.a. lean IT, as a stepping stone on the legacy-to-digital transformation journey. Lean IT – think of iterative, agile, product-orientation, continuous improvement – is not a new concept but it hasn’t become mainstream at traditional enterprises yet, even though the underlying lean principles are most relevant and well proven. Why?  There are two major roadblocks. First, the case for lean in the enterprise IT context is not as clear as it was in the manufacturing industry, where it was born.  Second, there are several unanswered C-suite questions about an enterprise-scale adoption of lean IT.

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