IDG Contributor Network: Where did the project go right?

“Have you ever wondered why over half of IT projects fail?” said the voice on the other end of the phone.

The cold caller hadn’t ingratiated himself by calling me “Dave.”

I’m David. It’s not that I mind “Dave” — it’s just not my name. Quite an assumption, too, I mean, I wonder if he’d open a call to someone called Sharon with “Hello, Shaz!”

However it was the casual bandying around of that rather negative statistic that really got my goat because in my experience most IT projects deliver their desired outcomes. I decided to challenge him. “What are you basing that on?” I asked.

He had a script for that.

“According to the Innotas annual project and portfolio management survey … 55 percent of IT professionals reported they had a project fail,” he countered.

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