Inside Germany’s Plan To Kill Online Registrations

An anonymous reader writes: Germany’s corporate giants are promising a brave new future in the form of a single account — one that will let you do your online shopping, get a flight and rent a car, all with no more registrations or repetitive passwords. Deutsche Bank (DB), Germany’s biggest bank, announced Monday it’s teaming up with other big firms to create a new company that will create the service. Users would enter their ID details just once before they can make all their online purchases across multiple sites. The partners — which include Mercedes-Benz maker Daimler, insurer Allianz and publisher Axel Springer — hope other firms will sign up to their vision. They’re calling it a “pan-industry platform for online registration, e-identity and data services.” The program could eventually be expanded to include government services. For example, drivers could apply for a new license through the system before their old one expires. The partners expect the program will be running in Germany by mid-2018, and they stressed it will be “secure” and comply with all European Union data protection rules.

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