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It is essential for proper information that news on cyber security can be easily accessed with references to the sources of information from where they come from. They are useful both for university education and researchers working in the field of cyber security as well as to virtual community as a whole.

Cyber security refers to the technologies and processes designed to protect computers, networks and data from unauthorized access, vulnerabilities and attacks delivered via the Internet by cyber criminals. With the advent of computers, network devices and telecommunications that make transport of data via radio frequency common place, a new world of vulnerabilities has opened to hackers to tap, steal, destroy or alter data.

This will be only through diligence and proper training and awareness platform for academic members where trainers, students and seagoing mariners will be prepared and ready to take appropriate actions when warranted. Through the center research activity, the team will try to develop a Roadmap to the Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure of Maritime Cybersecurity on Ships (“the MCYSECC Framework”).


Above this text a virtual machine is running. Yes, it’s a real Linux box… And again, all is done by your browser! You need to refresh your mind… You can check your CLI knowledge right now, you can try a couple of  Unix commands or even implement your own x86 machine.

Why is important to be aware of cybersecurity? Or a more specific Maritime CyberSecurity? Let’s go and check…

  • If you have any doubt, think twice: to Jurassic asteroid and to negligence in CyberSecurity.
  • Beware: Some extinction can occur!