Live From RSA Conference 2017 – The Power of Opportunity

It almost didn’t happen, but I made it to the RSA Conference. A series of unfortunately timed winter storms delayed/canceled flights, but I was able to make it out of Boston and to San Francisco only a day late – which meant I only missed the DevSecOps @ RSA Conference 2017 talks on Monday.

And the big takeaway after my first day at the conference: it’s all about DevOps. If DevOps dominated last year’s talks, it owns them this year. In just about every session I have attended thus far, no matter the focus or title, DevOps was mentioned or examined. Let’s see if this trend continues throughout the week.

Another common thread I noticed throughout the day was the sentiment of “the bad-guys’ job is easier than ours.” It started with an opening monologue from John Lithgow – yes John Lithgow – congratulating us on our passion for security and telling the audience that it may feel like we are losing the battle against cybercrime, but really we are preventing a dystopian society from forming. He stated, rather passionately, that without the efforts of the vendors and people at this conference we would not be able to overcome the challenges of the digital economy – throwing us into a 21st century dark age.

If only we could get the rest of the world to care about security as much as we do.

Over the next few days, I’ll be attending sessions, taking notes and then sharing my observation on this blog. I’ll also live tweet from the event (@jlavepoze) and share photos of the activities in the Expo Hall. I look forward to another great conference and sharing ideas on how we can improve security.

Here we go … 


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