Manatee No Longer An Endangered Species

An anonymous reader quotes the Miami Herald:
The manatee — for decades the poster mammal for environmental decline in Florida — is officially no longer an endangered species. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced Thursday that the manatee will instead be designated “threatened” — a status change that reflects a boom in population over the last decade. In February, Florida wildlife managers released preliminary results of an annual count that recorded 6,620 manatees lumbering in the warm waters of Florida’s lagoons, springs and canals… “We believe this is a devastating blow to manatees,” Patrick Rose, Executive Director for Save the Manatee Club, said in a statement. “A federal reclassification at this time will seriously undermine the chances of securing the manatee’s long- term survival.” It was the third consecutive year to see an increase in the estimated population of manatees.

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