Massive Dridex Spam Runs, Targeting UK

Yesterday, between 9:00 and midnight GMT, we observed three massive malware spam runs. The magnitude clearly stood out the average daily amount of spam with attachments. The campaigns were largely sent to accounts with email address in the TLD.

Dridex campaigns separated by subject.

Times on this graph are based on Helsinki’s time zone.

The first run, with subject lines such as “Your Booking 938721” (numbers vary) started at 8:30 GMT, with a very lengthy booking confirmation text body stating that the attached document needs to be printed out. See below.

Dirdex spam, subject: Your Booking

The attachment is a .zip file, containing a compressed file, either in .zip or .rar format. The doubly compressed item is either a vbs-script for downloading and executing the Dridex banking trojan loader binary, or a Quant loader binary for downloading the same Dridex binary.

The second campaign started around 13:30 GMT and had a similar theme as the first one with subject lines such as “uk_confirmation_ph948261563.pdf” (numbers vary). The attached file is also a double zip-compressed file, but contained the Dridex loader binary without any intermediate downloader malware. And a text file with instructions (which if followed, results in compromise).

Dridex spam, subject: uk comfirmation

The third spam run began just before 18:00 GMT, and had subject lines such as “Emailing: P2993995.JPG” (numbers vary), and had a double compressed zip-file attachment. The body of the mail gave the impression that it was a bounce message from a mail server. The compressed items were similar to the second run, comprising of a Dridex binary and a short text file stating the binary needs to be executed.

Dridex spam, subject: Emailing

This campaign of the Dridex banking trojan (campaign ID 7200) is targeting customers of multiple commercial banks in the UK, such as Barclays, Lloyds, and Santander.

The loader phones home to:



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We detect these threats with detections such as:

  • Trojan-Downloader:VBS/Kavala.Z
  • Trojan:W32/Dridex.O!DeepGuard
  • Trojan:W32/Crowti.A!DeepGuard
  • Trojan.Agent.CFKS
  • Trojan.Agent.CFKI

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