Microsoft Claims Windows 10 Saves Enterprises 28% More Than They Claimed Last Year

“Microsoft this week boosted by 28% its claim of how much enterprises can save by deploying Windows 10,” writes Computerworld. An anonymous reader quotes their report:
The revised estimate came from a Microsoft-commissioned analysis first done in mid-2016 by Forrester Research. Then, Forrester said the per-worker savings over a three-year stretch would be $404. To reach that number, the research firm interviewed four Microsoft customers that had begun moving to Windows 10, then modeled a hypothetical organization with 24,000 Windows devices, and a large number of mobile workers among the 20,000 employees. Using that pretend company, Forrester forecast the difference between running Windows 10 and retaining Windows 7. Late last year, Forrester interviewed another quartet of Windows early 10 adopters, then added that data to what it had originally. The new per-employee savings: $515 over three years, a jump of almost a third… Forrester’s increase in the number of mobile workers — the total climbed by 460 employees — was the biggest factor in the changed estimate… The bottom line, said Forrester and Microsoft, was that the migration to Windows 10 would pay for itself — the breakeven point when savings equal costs — in 14 months. The report says IT administrators “estimate a 20% improvement in management time, as Windows 10 requires less IT time to install, manage, and support with in-place deployment and more self-service functions,” while because of the OS’s security software, “security events requiring IT remediation are reduced or avoided by 33%.”

Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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