Millions of Smart Meters May Over-Inflate Readings by up to 600%

“Lab tests carried out by Dutch scientists have shown that some of today’s ‘smart’ electrical meters may give out false readings that in some cases can be 582% higher than actual energy consumption,” reports BleepingComputer. An anonymous reader quotes their report:
The study involved several tests conducted on nine different brands of “smart” meters, also referred to in the industry as “static energy meters.” Researchers also used one electromechanical meter for reference… Experiments went on for six months, with individual tests lasting at least one week, and sometimes several weeks. Test results varied wildly, with some meters reporting errors way above their disclosed range, going from -32% to +582%… The results of the study also matched numbers posted on an online forum by a disgruntled Dutchman complaining about high energy bills… Researchers blamed all the issues on the design of some smart meters, and, ironically, electrical devices with energy-saving features. The latter devices, researchers say, introduced a large amount of noise in electrical current waveforms, which disrupt the smart meter sensors tasked with recording power consumption… Long-time Slashdot reader ClarkMills points out the researchers estimate that “potentially inaccurate meters have been installed in the meter cabinets of at least 750,000 Dutch households,” while the article suggests that worldwide, “the numbers of possibly faulty smart meters could be in the millions,especially after some governments, especially in the EU, have pushed for smart meters to replace classic electromechanical (rotating disk) meters.”

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