Moving to a Sponsorship Model

I’ve been quite reluctant to run ads on this website, for a number of reasons.

  1. They feel dirty to me, whatever that means.
  2. They literally junk up the aesthetics of the site, although the single ad in the sidebar wasn’t bad.
  3. I just prefer to be someone who doesn’t participate in the ad modal.

For those reasons, I’m attempting to move to a different modal, which is sponsorships.

Sponsorships are different from ads in that I don’t get a check based on clicks or impressions, but rather I make an agreement with specific vendors to display their product in my designated sponsor spot (at the top of each post), and in return they give me X dollars over the period in question.

Importantly, this model is just a text link—so, no JavaScript and no image.

It’s cleaner design-wise, cleaner technically, I don’t get surprised by what products are showing my site because I’m hand-picking the companies I partner with.

So that’s the new model for not losing money from hosting infrastructure, etc., and maybe even having some left over. If you have any comments on how the modal strikes you, do let me know.


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