On Islam it’s Extreme vs. Extreme

Canada is trying to make it illegal to criticize Islam by labeling all such criticisms as “Islamaphobia”.

That’s dumb.

The hard right in the U.S. and Europe wants to do the exact opposite and label all Muslims as terrorists.

That’s dumb too.

So now the forgotten center of these two countries get to watch the fringe extremes battle back and forth as if they represent the people.

They don’t, but they might as well, because the center is non-existent or silent.

Nothing good can come from two idiotic extremes battling each other and convincing the people that their narratives are the only options. We need a logical third option that shows the flaws in both.

Let me try:

  1. Where Islam opposes humanist ideals it should be criticized and countered.
  2. Where Islam embraces humanist ideals it should be respected.
  3. This applies to any other religion or ideology as well.

See? It’s not hard.


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