OpenELEC 8.0.4 Kodi-Focused Linux Distro Now Available

BrianFagioli writes: Unfortunately, Kodi is not its own operating system, meaning it has to be run on top of an OS. Sure, you could use Windows 10, but that is overkill if you only want to run Kodi. Instead, a lightweight Linux distribution that only serves to run the media center is preferable. One of the most popular such distros is OpenELEC. It can run on traditional PC hardware, but also Raspberry Pi, and, my favorite — WeTek boxes. Today, version 8.0.4 achieves stable release. It is a fairly ho-hum update, focusing mostly on fixes and stability. The team shares the following changes in the release. – fix crash in WeTek DVB driver on WeTek Play (1st gen).- enable Kernel NEON mode for RPi2 builds.- enable some more SOC sound drivers for RPi/RPi2 builds.- enable Regulator support on all builds.- enable Extcon support on all builds.- fix loading for some I2C sound modules on RPI/RPi2 builds.- fix loading splash screen on systems with Nvidia GPUs.- fix speed problems on Nvidia ION systems.- fix problems loading dvbhdhomerun addons.- fix using user created sleep scripts.- build PNG support with SSE support for x86_64 builds.- update to linux-4.9.30, mesa-17.0.7, alsa-lib-, alsa-utils-1.1.4, kodi-17,3, mariadb-10.1.23, samba-4.6.4.

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