• Researchers demonstrate how the US Wireless Emergency Alert system, which uses LTE networks, can be easily spoofed with “pirate” cell towers to cause mass panic (Karl Bode/VICE)
  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the company could have acted more quickly to flag a doctored Nancy Pelosi video but defended its decision to leave it up (Queenie Wong/CNET)
  • Report: ecommerce startup Brandless has hired John Rittenhouse as CEO after Tina Sharkey resigned in March amid tensions with SoftBank, which has a 40% stake (Zoe Schiffer/INSIDER)
  • Twitch launches beta of Subscriber Streams, which will let Twitch streamers who are Twitch Affiliates or Twitch Partners offer subscriber-only streams (Julia Alexander/The Verge)
  • Less than a week after ransomware victim Riviera City paid ~$600K, another Florida town, Lake City, votes to pay ~$500K in BTC to ransomware hackers (Catalin Cimpanu/ZDNet)

Conferința anuală “Noile provocări globale în domeniul Securității Cibernetice”, ediția a VII-a, 30-31 octombrie 2017

Centrul Național de Răspuns la Incidente de Securitate Cibernetică, CERT-RO, organizează în perioada 30-31 octombrie 2017, cea de-a VII-a ediție a conferinței anuale „Noile Provocări Globale în Securitatea Cibernetică”. Conferința își propune să ofere dezbateri mixte, prezentări și ateliere de lucru care abordează teme relevante pentru domeniul securității cibernetice din spațiul românesc, european și global. Prima zi a conferinței va adresa provocări legate de reglementări și politici precum și eforturile…


2018 Cyber Securty Predictions

Global spending on cybersecurity products and services will exceed $1 trillion from this year through 2021. There will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally by 2021, up from 1 million positions in 2014. The cybersecurity unemployment rate dropped to effectively zero percent in 2016, and is expected to remain at effectively zero through at least 2021. Global spending on cybersecurity products and services by healthcare-related firms (which are currently the firms facing the most cyberattacks)…


Ophelia Became a Major Hurricane Where No Storm Had Before

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: The system formerly known as Hurricane Ophelia is moving into Ireland on Monday, bringing “status red” weather throughout the day to the island. The Irish National Meteorological Service, Met Eireann, has warned that, “Violent and destructive gusts of 120 to 150km/h are forecast countrywide, and in excess of these values in some very exposed and hilly areas. There is a danger…


Blockchain startup Digital Asset, which develops tech for financial institutions, raises $40M Series B, bringing the company’s total funding to $110M (Anna Irrera/Reuters)

Anna Irrera / Reuters: Blockchain startup Digital Asset, which develops tech for financial institutions, raises $40M Series B, bringing the company’s total funding to $110M  —  NEW YORK (Reuters) – Digital Asset, a blockchain startup funded by some of the world’s largest banks, has raised $40 million as it expands globally. Source: http://www.techmeme.com


Google Photos Now Recognizes Your Pets

Today, Google is introducing an easier way to aggregate your pet photos in its Photos app — by allowing you to group all your pet’s photos in one place, right beside the people Google Photos organized using facial recognition. TechCrunch reports: This is an improvement over typing in “dog,” or another generalized term, because the app will now only group together photos of an individual pet together, instead of returning…

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