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Gave up on Shinobi…So far, in love with Blue Iris

Two weeks ago, I posted this:


Since then, the only help Ive received is from /u/technokami Always friendly and nice and trying to help out. Big props to him.

Since day 1 I liked Shinobi. It was a great product with great potential. Sadly, the installation is a bit meh and hit/miss. Developer also uses x versions of Ubuntu (and although Shinobi supports using CentOS, he advices against it) and only those are tested and work. Also, it had strange bugs but thats normal (even Windows has).

After posting that thread and again further testing Shinobi, I found that in the camera scanner, you can input a IP, user, password, etc. The issue is that the password is in plain text, something I havent seen in a long time.

I requested/asked/etc if this could be fixed in future versions. I didnt get any reply. I asked if it was going to be fixed soon and I was getting comments from the developer such as “not to demand it” and to do a merge request.

There are countless open source projects on Github and Gitlab. Ive read a lot of them and I never remember one where the developer tells the end user to make the change himself and submit it.

Speaking of Github and Gitlab: https://shinobi.video/articles/2018-06-09-official-repositories-are-moving-to-gitlab “but we won’t get into that.”

I gave Shinobi one last shot at installation with /u/technokami from scratch. Although /u/moeiscool did try to help, his input was…”questionable”

I was having a bug that ffmpeg did not want to write the duration/length of the file; Researching I gave links to others that had similar. No thank you, no trying to debug it, just “your version is old”. Updated and silence…

I heard so much things about Blue Iris that I said, lets give it a shot. The demo was pretty solid so I was comfy with the product.

First, the community on here has A LOT of information so almost every question Ive asked has gotten some kind of feedback. I imagine over time Ill get even better answers.

I even emailed their support directly; They answered my questions very quickly and solved my issues. I went to buy it and ran into this issue: https://www.reddit.com/r/BlueIris/comments/cwrvw1/why_is_blue_iris_charging_a_21_vat_on_their/ Excluding the Blue Iris fanboys extremists, I emailed them because I have never been charged VAT on a software. They said to pay the price on their site. Paid it and got the license in seconds. Amazing sales support.

Anyways today is the first day with Blue Iris and I am VERY impressed. Very easy to setup, everything NVR related to easy to see….There are SO many things that it is at first a bit overwhelming but with time…I hope to get the best of it.

I felt like publicly thanking /u/technokami and to a lesser extent /u/moeiscool for the product and the passive-aggressive replies were just further to drive me away and think I made the best choice:




Anyways, I want to thank once again /u/technokami for all his help towards me and others

As for /u/moeiscool , I want to thank him also for making a great product. Shinobi in itself is great when it works and has a lot of potential.


  • You are the main developer and responsible for the project. What you reflect, gets reflected on the project. Imagine if Richard Stallman today started using Windows, Facebook and passwords such as hunter2. The Free Software Foundation ‘s image would be effected as well.
  • If you are going to use Discord as a help channel, use it as so. Do not message people, publicly or privately, to buy your support packages. You are free to give or not give help but allow people to ask all the questions they want.
  • I suggest you take a course on interacting with end users and/or potential customers. Its a big error not to honor a mistake made on your part about support packages and their price and what is included. Saying you would not honor a error made on your part shows poor customer building skills. Example: Blue Iris’ site wanted me to pay for VAT. I contacted them and they quickly realized it was a error and I paid without VAT. Huge difference and makes potential customers happy
  • Im not a fan of Docker but you being against it (hardly supporting it) and Shinobi on virtual machines is IMO a big mistake. You can recommend bare metal, as most NVR software makers do and should for performance reasons but…

Again, I really wish you all the best for you and your product. I hope Shinobi (and yourself 😉 ) get better overtime in the future. Maybe one day I can use it again.

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