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Recruiter and SEO response templates

I’m normally sympathetic to technology recruiters, but some are just hopeless.  These, I have no sympathy for.  An the SEO spammers, no sympathy for any of them.  Every now and then, one is so obnoxious that I feel compelled to respond, and as a community service I’m sharing templates I use for responding to the worst of them. For the recruiters: [Dude/Dudette], I hate to be an ass, but really-…


Hack Naked TV – October 1, 2015

Today Aaron talks about BitPay, OPM, Volkswagen, and new TrueCrypt Flaws. For a full list of stories, visit the wiki: http://wiki.securityweekly.com/wiki/index.php/Hack_Naked_TV_October_1_2015#Aaron.27s_Stories
Security Weekly Web Site: http://securit…


Green and Energy Saving Benefits of a Home Automation System

According to the “National Mortgage Professional Magazine” online, studies show home-buyers are now placing a strong emphasis on going green in their homes. One of the best ways to “go green” is home automation. Homeowners are turning to clean technology solutions, and the savings are reportedly going to the top of their list when shopping …

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Did mystery worms cause world’s first mass extinction?

By Michelle Z. Donahue Earth’s first multicellular creatures had soft bodies. This illustration shows a community of Ediacaran biota, some of which resemble living ocean creatures. Others are unlike any known organisms and cannot be classified. (Illustration by Smithsonian Institution) Contrary to popular imagery, massive volcanic eruptions or an asteroid impact may not have been the cause of the world’s first mass extinction. Rather, some scientists believe, it came about…