• Intel and SAP announce a multi-year partnership focused on data centers, combining Intel’s hardware with SAP’s software (Dean Takahashi/VentureBeat)
  • Researcher: 100+ Chinese loan apps sent sensitive data of 4.6M+ devices, including financial information, to a public server that was left exposed for two weeks (Alfred Ng/CNET)
  • Berlin-based Billie, which offers a B2B invoicing and payments platform, raises €30M Series B led by Creandum (Steve O’Hear/TechCrunch)
  • Amazon says Prime Day surpassed Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales combined, with users buying 175M items, up from 100M in 2018 (Hayley Peterson/Business Insider)
  • Peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace Turo raises $250M Series E from IAC at a $1B+ valuation, bringing its total raised to nearly $450M (Darrell Etherington/TechCrunch)

Microsoft Yanks Three Bad Patches Of Their Last Outlook Patch

An anonymous reader quotes ComputerWorld’s Woody Leonhard: I just received word from Gunter Born that Microsoft has pulled three of its Outlook patches… There’s no specific recommendation that you uninstall the yanked patches — indeed, there’s no description of the problems caused by the latest round — but earlier versions of the bad patches-of-patches had a nasty habit of crashing Outlook… Microsoft still hasn’t fixed any of the Office 2007…


Crypto-Bashing Prime Minister Argues The Laws Of Mathematics Don’t Apply In Australia

An anonymous reader quotes the Independent:Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said the laws of mathematics come second to the law of the land in a row over privacy and encryption… When challenged by a technology journalist over whether it was possible to tackle the problem of criminals using encryption — given that platform providers claim they are currently unable to break into the messages even if required to do…


IDG Contributor Network: 9 companies using data to make retail more efficient

Retail isn’t exactly in it’s most comfortable space right now. With companies like Amazon on the rise, physical retail locations are being called into question. Are they actually valuable anymore? Are consumers willing to break away from their computers and go to shop when they can just order from their living room? Questions like these can easily be answered with the right information. Retail behemoths like Sears, JCPenney, and Macy’s…


Y Combinator Announces Funding For UBI-Supporting Political Candidates

Most people “feel like they have great potential that is being wasted,” argues Y Combinator president Sam Altman — a Stanford dropout whose company’s investments are now worth $65 billion, including Airbnb, Reddit, and Dropbox. Now an anonymous reader quote the Los Angeles Times: A wealthy young Silicon Valley venture capitalist hopes to recruit statewide and congressional candidates and launch an affordable-housing ballot measure in 2018 because he says California’s…


As tech platforms experiment with TV content, a look at how corporations controlling music and ebooks lost their strategic value to tech companies (Benedict Evans)

Benedict Evans: As tech platforms experiment with TV content, a look at how corporations controlling music and ebooks lost their strategic value to tech companies  —  People in tech and media have been saying that ‘content is king’ for a long time – perhaps since the VHS/Betamax battle of the early 1980s, and perhaps longer. Source: http://www.techmeme.com


Free Speech vs Billionaires: Netflix Streams A New Documentary About The Gawker Verdict

Speaking of Netflix, last month they began streaming “Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press” — a new documentary by Brian Knappenberger about the Gawker verdict. An anonymous reader shares this description from Business Insider: Knappenberger — who previously made the movies “The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz,” on internet activist Aaron Swartz, and “We Are Legion,” about the hacker group Anonymous — got in touch with…


Tech Companies Capture A Third Of This Year’s Emmy Nominations

“Streaming companies like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu snagged nearly 1/3 of Emmy nominations this year, the most ever awarded to tech companies,” reports Axios, adding that streaming companies “are pouring billions of dollars into content…and it’s paying off.” An anonymous reader quotes Engadget: After passing 100 million subscribers, overtaking cable TV in customer numbers in the US and expanding to over 190 countries, Netflix is starting to cement something else:…

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