• Despite a legally mandated ban enacted last year, ~2,000 Chinese surveillance cameras from Hikvision and Dahua remain active in US government networks (Thomas Brewster/Forbes)
  • A look at Oculus Insight, Facebook’s technology that makes inside-out VR tracking on Oculus Quest and Rift S headsets possible (Zoe Talamantes/Facebook Technology)
  • Assessing the impact of telecoms’ poor privacy practices through the story of a woman stalked by a man who obtained her real-time location data from T-Mobile (Joseph Cox/VICE)
  • Zenoti, which develops booking software for spas and salons, raises $20M from Steadview Capital, bringing its total raised to ~$100M (Kyle Wiggers/VentureBeat)
  • Numbrs, an app that enables users to manage existing bank accounts in one place, raises $40M at a $1B+ valuation, bringing its total raised to ~$200M (Stephan Kahl/Bloomberg)

Alphabet Says Uber Knew About Stolen Self-Driving Car Files

In a Wednesday filing with a California court, Alphabet said a former self-driving executive Anthony Levandowski hatched a plan with Uber to steal more than 14,000 proprietary documents, including designs for the sensors that help the car see its surroundings. CNET reports: Alphabet says Uber’s former CEO, Travis Kalanick, knew about the files but told Levandowski to destroy them. Uber has argued that it did not encourage or condone Levandowski…


Video: TVA Grows Memphis Supply Chain Workforce

JOC.com recently interviewed Senior Development Consultant Aaron Stewart about the Tennessee Valley Authority’s work creating economic development opportunities in Memphis. With $11 billion in exports, 4 foreign trade zones, and the busiest national cargo airport, Stewart said, the TVA is in an ideal position to expand opportunities for a working… Source: http://www.joc.com


4 Things the Far Left Are Doing to Drive Moderates to the Right

Liberalism in the United States is in the middle of a slow motion suicide by poison. We’re watching the unscrewing of the lid, the last looks about the room, and the multiple sips from the vial. Except we’re seeing it happen at one frame per month with no ability to stop the film. The far left has effectively blacklisted the thinking or voicing of certain opinions, simultaneously pushed a series…


Lawsuit Accuses Comcast of Cutting Competitor’s Wires To Put It Out of Business

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: A tiny Internet service provider has sued Comcast, alleging that the cable giant and its hired contractors cut the smaller company’s wires in order to take over its customer base. Telecom Cable LLC had “229 satisfied customers” in Weston Lakes and Corrigan, Texas when Comcast and its contractors sabotaged its network, the lawsuit filed last week in Harris County District Court…

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