• Datadog, an app performance monitoring and analytics platform, raises $648M in US IPO, valuing the company at $7.83B, after rejecting Cisco’s acquisition offer (Crystal Tse/Bloomberg)
  • Sources: Cisco approached Datadog recently with a takeover offer significantly higher than the $7B valuation it is aiming for in an IPO expected this week (Bloomberg)
  • Dental Intelligence, a Utah-based analytics and workflow automation platform for dental practices, raises $34M Series A (FinSMEs)
  • Sources: AT&T is considering parting ways with its DirecTV unit, including spinning it off into a separate public company or combining assets with Dish (Wall Street Journal)
  • Medium adds a “Save to Medium” bookmarking feature that lets users save articles to a reading list via sharing extensions on mobile and in Chrome (Jay Peters/The Verge)

Podcast: The Necessary Skills for Success in a DevOps World

They don’t make apps like they used to. DevOps has moved away from rows of specialists handling their own tiny segment of code, advancing to a more comprehensive Full Spectrum Engineer. Today’s developers need to have a breadth of skills that can take an idea from inception to production – with one person and no handoffs. What we’re seeing is the natural ebb and flow between the specialist and the…


Potentially Revolutionary Hyperloop Freight Transportation System Conducts First Test Run

US – Hyperloop One, the potentially revolutionary (and somewhat controversial) new transportation system has taken an important step in it's development. Yesterday a test sled ran for the first time on the company's Nevada test track for a total of 5.3 seconds and reached speeds of 70 mph (110kph). Hyperloop One utilises an electro-magnetic propulsion system that runs a capsule within a tube that has the air pumped out of…


New Survey Reveals 97% Cybersecurity Professionals Find Job Rewarding Despite Long Hours

A new survey by Farsight Security, Inc., has found that over half (57%) of IT security professionals work weekends and, on average, nearly a third (29%) work ten hours a day. Despite the overtime, nearly all (97%) said that they still find their job rewarding and plan to stay in security (85%). The respondents’ enthusiasm for their job and their intent to stay is reassuring considering the current cybersecurity skills…

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