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Isis have been hacked by Anonymous again with lots of gay porn

A hacker who has previously hacked Isis Twitter accounts with gay porn appears to have done it again. WachulaGhost, a hacker who is associated with Anonymous, first targeted the terror group in the wake of the Orlando attack at the Pulse nightclub after Omar Mateen shot 49 people dead. He said that hacking Isis is actually easier than you would think and he had managed to access more than 250 of their…


WWDC wish list: What we’d like from the Siri Speaker

A recent rumor posited that Apple’s answer to the Amazon Echo, which we’ve been calling the Siri Speaker, could be announced at WWDC. This isn’t a new idea—we’ve been ruminating on the possibility of such a product for years. And while all you’d really need for a Siri Speaker is a speaker that has Siri, that might not be enough to unseat the Echo or the Google Home—not to mention…


Cyber attack: Fears of surge in ransomware infections as people return to work on Monday

Fears are growing that Monday could see a surge in the number of computers taken over by the devastating WannaCry ransomware hack. As people return to work and connect laptops to their office system, this could potentially spark a new wave of infections. About 200,000 victims in 150 countries or more have so far been affected, although this number was reduced after a 22-year-old British security analyst accidentally triggered a…


Silicon Valley VCs have a message for CIOs

In the IT leadership discussion today, CIOs, consultants and other influencers use terms like “innovation” and “disruption” prolifically — sometimes to the point where their true meanings are blurred. In Silicon Valley, thought of by most as the hottest of hotbeds for technological advancements, those terms are rarely used. There’s good reason for that, and it tracks well with the evolution of the CIO role itself: Focusing on bright, shiny…


Magic with Manticore

Manticore is a next-generation binary analysis tool with a simple yet powerful API for symbolic execution, taint analysis, and instrumentation. Using Manticore one can identify ‘interesting’ code locations and deduce inputs that reach them. This can generate inputs for improved test coverage, or quickly lead execution to a vulnerability. I used Manticore’s power to solve Magic, a challenge from this year’s DEFCON CTF qualifying round that consists of 200 unique binaries, each with…


IDG Contributor Network: 5 machine learning trends that will define 2017

Machine learning has been quietly working in the background for years, powering mobile applications and search engines. But recently it has become a more widely circulated buzzword, with virtually all recent technological advancements involving some aspect of machine learning. An impressive rise in data and computing capabilities has made this exponential progress possible.  The remarkable growth in sophistication and applications of machine learning will define the technological trends of 2017….