Partnering Perspectives from Veracode’s Leslie Bois

Leslie Bois, Vice President, Global Channel and Alliances, who joined Veracode back in December, shares her thoughts on all things top of mind with Veracode partners. Learn more about where Veracode is going and what partners can expect to see throughout the year.

1) Now that you have a full quarter at Veracode under your belt, what should partners be most excited about?

This is easy. Partners should be extremely excited to work with such a great company. Every department within Veracode that I’ve met with and worked with is fully committed to supporting our partners in any way they can to make them successful. The leadership team at Veracode invests so much in making its employees happy, so employees take same approach to making our customers and partners happy too, which is clear through our innovation, products, and support.

2) What are your key goals for 2017 and how will you measure success?

My key goal in moving to a partner led model in 2017 is to triple the amount of business that goes through partners. I will measure this is not only by revenue but also looking at the number of partners that are trained, enabled and selling. Deal Registration will be a key indicator because it will show us the number of partners who are creating opportunities and bringing Veracode into their customers.

3) Veracode’s partner program recently received its first ever CRN 5-star designation, what does this mean for you and your partners?

For me this is complete validation that Veracode is headed in the right direction and doing the right things to support and grow our partner community. This is good news for partners because it means Veracode’s program is maturing and that the company is investing in the program because it expects partners to play an even more important role in our go-to-market strategy. We will continue to evolve the program by adding resources, programs, and tools that will help Partners grow profitable businesses with Veracode.

4) Veracode has had a lot of news in the last few months. Can you break down what this mean to partners?

Everything is software related and it’s a software-defined world right now. Application Security (AppSec) is only going to continue to grow and grow. Our enhancements to our Application Security Platform enables developers to work faster and more securely across more applications, bringing us very far left in the Software Development Lifecycle.

We are extremely excited to be part of CA Technologies because it has really invested in next-generation technologies, realizes Veracode is a leader in AppSec and wants to invest in our Application Security Platform. The backing and leverage of CA will accelerate Veracode’s roadmap to achieve our mission and will provide Partners with a rich set of products that solve AppSec issues. Whether it is investments in the areas of sales enablement, technical support or R&D, Partners will benefit from all of it.

5) You travel a lot to meet partners – how do you take care of yourself when you’re on the road? What do you like to do in your spare time when you are home?

I am on a plane every other week so when I’m on the road I try to take care of myself. I drink a lot of water and pack my own snacks for the plane. My sneakers make it on every trip so I can work out at the hotel or jog around the city. I also try to squeeze in a little fun and experience the city’s local cuisine and scene. Technology helps me stay really connected with my family and makes it easier to be away from home. We try to FaceTime every night before bed to show them where I am and what I’m doing. When I am home I spend as much time as possible with my family – relaxing, doing house chores, attending my children’s soccer games and trying to be a good mom.

6) You’ve been working in the channel for the majority of your career. What is the secret sauce to being successful with Partners?

Motivating Partners to sell on your behalf is very different from motivating the direct salesforce. What I learned early on is it’s all about the activities and actions to support Partners that makes them want to sell your products. The best channel sales leaders build intimate relationships with their Partners to develop a deep level of trust and learn about their Partners’ business models to bring them the right sales opportunities which motivates them sell on your behalf.


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