Sisense: A Voice-activated and Contextual Data Interface

A connected lightbulb, such as Phillips’, is setup on WiFi and then shows up as an IP address on the Sisense dashboard. A user determines which KPIs will trigger which available colors.If the daily sales goal is being met, your lamp might shine as a normal white bulb. But if it drops below, the lightbulb might turn red.

Source: Sisense lets you ask for analytics by voice — or check the color of your desk lamp

This is some truly insane tech, and it’s something of a precursor to what I wrote about in my book.

It doesn’t have a few of the key pieces, but it does have others. To me the main concept at play is contextual interface change based on how the business is doing. Sisense has the ability to change light displays based on how sales are doing, if there are certain events, etc.

[ NOTE: I find the name Sisense interesting as well, since I prefer to call Artificial Intelligence “Synthetic Intelligence”, so I wonder if that’s what they’re playing on as well. ]

The voice interface is nice because that’s just the future for sure, but changing the vibe in an office based on how things are going is truly forward-thinking.

Some examples:

  • Music might change from gloomy to chipper for a few minutes after hitting some sales goal for the day.
  • The colors in the room might be darker until everyone hits their quotas, at which point they get brighter and more positive.
  • The smell of coffee might be piped into the room to signify free coffee after a particular goal is reached.

The point is that you can do many things using all the senses. Not with this company, yet, but with the approach in general.

The art will come in finding ways to do this subtly and in ways that are effective in modifying behavior.


  1. I had a Phillips Hue + IFTTT recipe that flashed the lights when the ISS was above my house.


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