Slashdot Asks: How Do You Handle Interruptions At Work?

This question was inspired by this anonymous submission:
Analysis of programming sessions and surveys note that programmers take 10-15 minutes to resume editing code after being interrupted. Computer scientists and researchers from University of Zurich and ABB Inc. have designed the ‘FlowLight’ system which automatically determines a worker’s interruptibility using a combination of keyboard/mouse usage, calendar information, and login state, and makes interruptibility visible to other employees using a red/yellow/green LED indicator placed near the desk… Knowledge workers in various locations found that interruptions were significantly reduced by 46%. [PDF] NBC reports these researchers “also tested a more advanced version that uses biometric sensors to detect heart rate variability, pupil dilation, eye blinks or even brainwave activity,” and of course one of the researchers tells the New Yorker that a commercial version “is ‘in the works.'” But it’d be interesting to hear from Slashdot’s readers about their own solutions — and how interruptions affect their own productivity at work. So share your best answers in the comments. How do you feel about interrupt

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