Slashdot Asks: What Did You Like/Dislike About iTunes?

iTunes is officially dead with the release of macOS Catalina today. Apple decided to break apart the app into separate Apple Music, Podcasts and TV apps. “Each is better at its individuals task than it was as a section within iTunes, which was teetering on collapse like the Jenga tower of various functions it supports,” writes Dieter Bohn via The Verge.

“In the early days, iTunes was simply a way to get music onto Apple’s marquee product, the iPod music player,” reports Snopes. “Users connected the iPod to a computer, and songs automatically synced — simplicity unheard of at the time.” It was the first service to make songs available for 99 cents apiece, and $9.99 for most albums — convincing many people to buy music legally than seek out sketchy sites for pirated downloads. “But over time, iTunes software expanded to include podcasts, e-books, audiobooks, movies and TV shows,” recalls Snopes. “In the iPhone era, iTunes also made backups and synced voice memos. As the software got bloated to support additional functions, iTunes lost the ease and simplicity that gave it its charm. And with online cloud storage and wireless syncing, it no longer became necessary to connect iPhones to a computer — and iTunes — with a cable.”

What did you like or dislike about iTunes? When you look back at the media player, what are you reminded of?


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