Someone on Medium Just Said C++ Was Better Than C

Developer David Timothy Strauss is publishing a call to code “straightforward, easy-to-reason-about approaches” — in an essay titled “Choosing ‘Some C++’ Over C”. (Alternate title: “C++ for Lovers of C.”
The problem with just picking C++ is that most criticism of it is legitimate. Whether it’s the ’90s-era obsession with object orientation and exceptions or the template errors that take up an entire terminal window, there have been — and remain — rough edges to C++. But, these rough edges are avoidable, unlike the problems in C that get worse with modern event and library programming. The opinionated essay calls for “adopting a subset of C++ to smooth out C’s rough edges,” arguing that C++ offer a better, type-safe approach for event-driven design (as well as destructors to avoid memory allocation leaks). Are there any readers who’d like to weigh in on the advantages of C versus C++?

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