Staying Ahead of Nation-State Cyberattacks

Ran Shahor of HolistiCyber Describes Must-Have Defenses

Ran Shahor, CEO, HolistiCyber

As nation-state attackers increasingly aim to steal intellectual property, businesses must ensure they have the best possible defenses in place, says Ran Shahor, CEO of HolistiCyber.

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In a video interview at Information Security Media Group’s recent Cybersecurity Summit in London, Shahor discusses:

  • Why nation-state attacks – especially in the private sector – are a growing concern;
  • Top cybersecurity defenses for blocking nation-state attacks;
  • Essential risk-prioritization strategies.

Shahor is the CEO of HolistiCyber. He’s a retired Israeli Defense Forces brigadier general, having started his career in the elite IDF special forces unit “Sayeret Matkal,” which he also commanded, and later founding the IDF intelligence branch’s cybersecurity program. After 27 years of military service, Shahor began working in the private sector. Prior to co-founding HolistiCyber, he founded and served as co-CEO of Focal Energy as well as a managing partner of Star Ventures, a $1 billion global venture capital group.

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