Avoiding War in the Fifth Domain

Few today would argue that the threat surface in cyberspace has expanded significantly in the past decade.  Just ask your fridge.  From the new risks we’ve brought into our own kitchens, to the increased capabilities of nation states to disrupt everything from electricity to elections, there is an even greater (panic) questioning of what to …

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July 15, 2019

NBlog July 13 – corporate infosec policy

At the peak of the typical policy pyramid sits a ‘corporate information security policy’. In clause 5.2, ISO/IEC 27001 explicitly requires a high level policy, specifying related aspects such as demonstrable management commitment.Our corporat…

July 12, 2019

NBlog July 11 – not playing by the rules

According to the BBC, British Airways has been fined £183m for last year’s breach of the General Data Protection Regulation, dwarfing the previous record fines of £½m under the previous Data Protection Act.  Ouch. Privacy compliance is now A …

July 11, 2019