Sensitivity of motion sensors – trying to track my lost snake in my house!!

This is a weird question but my rat snake escaped his enclosure last Thursday.

I have turned the house upside down looking for him. No luck.

We used strategic flour lines to confirmed he is alive and still in the house and narrowed the rooms he could be in. Saturday night I could see he had moved all over the damn house. He doesnt move every night and the flour lines are hard to interpret and have not led to his arrest.

I don’t think I will catch him unless I get woken up in the night while he is moving. Esp if he stays inside the washing machine or stove which is where i believe he is hiding most days. Which we can’t use for fear of hurting him wherever he is and can’t take apart/remove from the wall.

I ordered a basic Wyze v3 and I’m hoping to aim it at a dead rat that I’m going to leave out for him near the appliances and have it blow up my phone when it senses movement. The problem is snakes move very slowly and carefully and arent shaped like people , I’m worried it won’t trip the sensors.

Will a wyze cam work or should i buy a more expensive set up??

Edit: pics of the flour and snake… still not found..

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May 17, 2022

Looking for indoor camera to look outdoor

I have a hard time finding a model that would fit my needs, i need a camera powered by a wire with the ability to have a good image at a distance of 100 feet and an SD card slot. It would need to have motion sensor and be able to work without subscribing to anything.

On a side note i need a second camera with the same features except it doesn’t need to look at 100 feet and it needs to be subtle (not look like a camera)

Ideally i would pay around 100$ or less for each but i’m ok with spending more if it’s the only way to get what i want.

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May 16, 2022

Camera Power Supply Issue

I have 4 cameras wired to a 12V Power Supply. They’ve worked for a number of years. One of my cameras just dropped off. After much troubleshooting I’ve identified the following: fuse in power supply was blown when I replaced fuse I get flashing green …

May 16, 2022

Best battery powered outdoor security camera

Right now I use blurams but they’re corded and don’t really want to run them through the attic. Looking to make the switch to something battery powered. Would like to stay on the lower cost but tbh I’ll pay whatever as long as it’s worth it. Also don’t…

May 16, 2022

Looking for recommendations on a remote driveway camera

Hi, I’m looking for a camera I can install at the end of a rural driveway to capture vehicles or people at the gate.

Camera location:

  • About 1000′ from house, with clear line of sight
  • No mains power available
  • Subject to temperatures -20 – 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Subject to extended sun exposure, snow, sleet, high winds, rain, and freezing rain. I plan to put the camera under a cover to protect it from most of this, but it must be designed for outdoor use.

Budget for complete system: ~ $1000. Can be slightly flexible, but of course I want to spend no more than necessary.

Technical requirements:

  • Ability to clearly capture faces and license plates; ideally at a range of up to 75 feet in the daytime, 30′ at night. Vehicle speed 20mph or less.
  • Narrow field of view (need to capture images of vehicles and people on a straight approach – peripheral vision not important)
  • Solar powered (either built-in, or able to use an external solar power system)
  • No reliance on third-party infrastructure (internet, cellular network) to transmit data (except for alerts)

A feature that would be nice, but not an absolute requirement, is the ability to send me an alert when a vehicle or person is detected. The ability to build a database of license plates would be nice as well.

I’ve been shopping around for about an hour, but I’m finding myself overwhelmed by the variety of options – and the amount of products that are discontinued or out of stock. Ubiquiti’s website in particular is an “out of stock” wasteland right now.

Based on my research, I think my best option would be a dedicated ALPR camera, paired with a solar battery system and a directional Wi-Fi antenna. At this point, I’m trying to identify which specific products would be best.

I’m open to any and all suggestions, as long as they meet my requirements (inb4 “just get a cellular trail cam”). I’d especially appreciate input from someone with experience setting up such a system.


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May 16, 2022

No Subscription indoor camera

I am moving into a shared house for University in September and there are no locks on the bedrooms. I was wondering if anyone knows of a security camera that is subscription free and more on the budget side while still being able to use an app to view …

May 16, 2022