Datacenter Security: How to Balance Business Agility with Great Protection

When IDC consults with enterprise customers or performs worldwide surveys, security is invariably an acute concern. That’s regardless of geography, industry, and identity of respondent (executive, LoB, IT, DevOps, etc.). While the challenge of providing protection and security extends across all places in the network, the problem is especially vexing in the datacenter. There’s good reason for that, of course. The parameters of the datacenter have been redrawn by the…

January 10, 2020

Leveraging Network Access Control to Unify Secure Access in Hybrid IT

Network Access Control (NAC) solutions are widely deployed to secure an organization’s enterprise network from threats inside the network. Most NAC solutions work by enforcing security policies on users and devices that attempt to access on-premise resources. Digital transformation has blurred network perimeters and changed the way users work, creating numerous challenges for organizations as they strive to both simplify access and ensure security of their valuable assets on-premises and…

July 16, 2019