The Chancellor of the Exchequer sets out plans for the UK Government to work with Netcraft

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel hosts on honor cordon for United Kingdom's Secretary of State for Defense Phillip Hammond at the Pentagon May 2, 2013 (Pic 3)

Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Netcraft is in the news today after the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced plans to work with us to develop better automatic defences to reduce the impact of cyber attacks affecting the UK.

There is coverage in the Independent which says “Mr Hammond will set out plans to work in partnership with firms such as internet security company Netcraft to develop better automatic defences”, ARS Technica notes “Number 11 said it would work closely with industry partners such as Bath-based Netcraft” while TechCrunch observes “One company the government is highlighting here is Netcraft for “automated defence techniques to reduce the impact of cyber-attacks.””

Her Majesty’s Government’s own announcement outlines Netcraft’s role in the cyber security strategy:

The strategy sets out how government will strengthen its own defences as well as making sure industry takes the right steps to protect Critical National Infrastructure in sectors like energy and transport. We will do this through working in partnership with industry – including companies such as the innovative SME Netcraft – to use automated defence techniques to reduce the impact of cyber-attacks […]. Previously a website serving web-inject malware would stay active for over a month- now it is less than two days. UK-based phishing sites would remain active for a day- now it is less than an hour. And phishing sites impersonating government’s own departments would have stayed active for two days – now it is less than 5 hours.


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