Twitter Will ‘Probably’ Never Offer the Option To Edit Tweets, Says CEO Jack Dorsey

Since the dawn of Twitter, users have been begging and pleading for a way to edit Tweets. Sadly, despite the entreaties of those upon whose usage the service depends, Twitter head honcho Jack Dorsey says you’ll “probably” never be able to edit a tweet. From a report: Dorsey was asked during a video Q&A with Twitter users conducted by Wired whether 2020 would be the year Twitter would introduce an edit function. Dorsey’s short answer? “No.” “The reason there’s no edit button … is we started as an SMS, text messaging service. So, as you all know, when you send a text message, you can’t really take it back,” Dorsey says, adding that Twitter wants “to preserve that vibe, that feeling, uh, in the early days.”


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