“Up Your Game” to Close the Security Skills Gap

Ask any CISO to name the top challenges of the job, and their first response is likely to be the security “skills gap” – the inability to find enough skilled people to handle an organization’s security needs. With over 200,000 security jobs unfilled in the U.S. alone, organizations, especially security operations centers (SOCs), are continuously “playing from behind.” What’s more, this scarcity increases the costs of hiring and retaining security talent. Even a company with unlimited budget (an unlikely scenario) will find it just about impossible to staff sufficiently to deal with the threats of today’s IT landscape.

And security trends only serve to amplify the problem. The scale and sophistication of threats continue to increase rapidly – for example, 99% of malware hashes are seen for only 58 seconds or less – while the growth of legitimate data and traffic makes threat detection ever harder. It’s the “Where’s Waldo?” problem. Security alerts from SIEMs, IPSs, and firewalls overwhelm even the most skilled analysts. Incidents requiring investigation grow exponentially, while uncorrelated alerts fail to reveal the full scope of an attack.

The result is that even security-conscious organizations exist in a state of fear that an undetected exploit is living on their networks, quietly exfiltrating critical data such as private emails, customer records, or intellectual property. It’s not just a security problem; it’s a critical business problem – a meta-risk affecting every part of an organization.

Turbocharge your security skills

If the problem can’t be solved by hiring more skilled people, what can be done to protect your organization from today’s advanced persistent threats?

You need to dramatically increase the productivity of the people you do have. This involves strategies to turn your junior analysts into senior analysts, and your senior analysts into true “threat hunters.”

You achieve this through the intelligent application of “force multipliers” – strategies that make your analysts more effective and efficient.

  1. Automate the threat detection process with advanced analytics, comprehensive threat intelligence, and optimized incident workflows. This ensures that security analysts focus on the real threats lurking in the sea of an organization’s data, and respond swiftly and efficiently.
  2. Broaden the visibility across an organization’s IT infrastructure to include all meaningful sources, including logs, packets, netflow, and endpoints. This allows analysts to correlate multiple indicators of compromise (IOCs) to view the full scope of an attack, and to reconstitute full sessions to see what really took place.

In this way, security analysts can dramatically “up their game” to keep bad actors out of your infrastructure. How dramatically? With the right tools, you can triple productivity.

Closing the Skills Gap with RSA NetWitness® Suite

At RSA, we’ve developed an integrated tool set designed to make security analysts 3x more efficient and effective, with 3x faster incident response. It’s like multiplying your security staff.

RSA NetWitness Suite provides all of the necessary components to combat today’s sophisticated threats. Featuring the industry’s most powerful tools to quickly detect even the most advanced threats; responding before damage can take place.

In addition to its own modular logs, packets, netflow, and endpoint monitoring capabilities, it consolidates alerts from your existing systems. Rather than simply “dumping” alerts on your overstuffed analyst work queues, RSA NetWitness Suite first enriches them with metadata about business context, identities and threat intelligence; correlating IOCs that would be impossible to match up solely with human skills.  This provides prioritization of the threats that matter most, casting them in clear relief for your analysts, no matter how hard they try to hide.

Once verified by your analysts, workflow tools help manage the response process. For example, RSA NetWitness Endpoint isolates impacted machines, preventing the spread of an exploit behind the firewall, and cutting off command and control (C2) communications and credential harvesting.

Get there fast

Implementing this “force multiplier” is straightforward with RSA Professional Services or RSA Partners quickly installing and configuring RSA NetWitness Suite – both to discover threats already lurking on your network, and to detect and respond to future attacks.

For more information and to get started, discover RSA NetWitness Suite  or visit the RSA Link Community.


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