‘Verified’ Is Now a Derogatory Term on Twitter

From an article on The Outline: Since 2009, Twitter has added a blue checkmark symbol to certain accounts that have been deemed “verified,” which means “that an account of public interest is authentic,” according to Twitter. For some, the verified distinction is coveted. For others, it’s become a dirty word. “Verifieds” or “blue checks” are the elite, the establishment. Since many members of the media are verified, they have also become associated, for some, with the perceived liberal bias of the fourth estate. Conservatives, alt-righters, and Donald Trump fans have noticed that when Trump tweets, there is invariably a flood of “blue check liberals” responding in a negative way. There is also the perception that Twitter, a California company, is biased toward liberals. Also, according to Twitter, there are now about 250,000 people who’re verified on the site, some of which are for unknown reasons.

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Source: www.slashdot.org

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