Webinar | Security Leaders Share “Secret Sauce” for Success with Digital Transformation

3rd Party Risk Management , Critical Infrastructure Security , Governance

Join three industry practitioners to learn about the most pressing challenges of today.

Digital transformation continues to reshape the modern enterprise. Savvy organizations that understand and drive forward digital innovation ultimately win the within an organization. However, securing the technologies that enable digital transformation becomes its own challenge.

This panel brings together three industry practitioners, including a TD Ameritrade CISO, a former CISO at AT&T and a security veteran from CyberArk to discuss issues surrounding security and digital transformation. We have asked these security leaders to share the most pressing challenges organizations face today and to lend some insights into their secret sauce for success with digital transformation.

As a security professional in today’s digital enterprise, this is a slice of collective wisdom to help you overcome the security, technology and organizational challenges you are facing today.

The panelists will offer practical tips and best practices for security leaders to help manage risk, prioritize security solutions, handle security product implementations and align with digital transformation requirements from their business organizations.

You will learn:

  • The changing role of security and how it affects you
  • How to overcome roadblocks to security in the digital enterprise
  • How to best align security and business needs
  • The most vulnerable areas of the digital enterprise and how to secure them
  • Why privileged access security should be considered in the digital transformation projects

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