Why one CIO chose ‘speed over elegance’ in corporate split

It isn’t often CIOs can make like the pros and draft “players” for their IT team but in early 2015 that’s exactly the scenario Tony Bender found himself in after he agreed to help Edgewell Personal Care peel off its Energizer brand as a separate company. Bender recalls meeting with Mike Aufdembrink, who Energizer hired as its CIO in December 2014, so they could fill out each of their IT teams.

“Early in the year we sat down and had what was akin to a draft,” Bender recalls. “It was, ‘OK, I want this person and if you get this person, I want this person. We had to divide the team up and make an offer to each person.”

tony bender Edgewell Personal Care

Tony Bender, CIO of Edgewell Personal Care.

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