Windows 10 Mobile Needs To Be Put Out of Its Misery

From a column on BetaNews: It’s time for Microsoft to pull the plug. Windows 10 Mobile has been on life support for a long time, and the software giant is only making things worse by not giving it the mercy killing it deserves. It may sound harsh, but there’s no future for Windows on smartphones in its current state. Microsoft wants to keep the door open to future developments but, let’s face it, when it decided to sell Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ through its stores it basically sealed its own platform’s fate. There is no turning back from this. We know it and its fans know it too. […] Really, the only reason I can see Microsoft developing Windows 10 Mobile — or Windows on smartphones — further is to give its fans the illusion that something could happen. One day. Someday. Eventually. Maybe. Hopefully. If all the stars align. And Apple and Google and all the other successful vendors are wiped out from the face of the Earth. Hey, it could happen!

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