Y Combinator-Funded Startup To Do Quantum Computing — Only Better

An anonymous reader writes:
A “spaceshot” company that emerged from Y Combinator three summers ago and is targeting a revolutionary change in the way computers work has landed $64 million to help it in the race against much bigger tech giants. Rigetti Computing, which operates out of Berkeley and Fremont, is tackling quantum computing and going up against research being done by the likes of IBM, Intel, Microsoft and others… Rigetti is building a cloud quantum computing platform for artificial intelligence and computational chemistry. It recently opened up private beta testing of ‘Forest’, its API for quantum computing in the cloud. It integrates directly with existing cloud infrastructure and treats the quantum computer as an accelerator. “The potential to make a positive impact on humanity is enormous,” said Chad Rigetti, the startup’s founder and CEO — who declined to say whether the company is actually earning any revenue yet.

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