Which books are you looking forward to in 2023?

As per the title. Share your favorite upcoming books of 2023. Can be books related to any hacking related field, such as IOS Security, Binary Exploitation or Kernel security among many other fields! submitted by /u/FruerlundF [link] &#…

Is it bad to be a script kiddie at my level?

I have literally just started hacking, i have been learning basic javascript, extremely basic html and getting on python soon, i have bought a flipper zero to educate myself further and i now know how and why all of the different features work, i have …

Duplicating a mag stripe access card?

I have a free Ventra card from my university, which gives me free rides on the Chicago CTA (train & busses). I don’t always take CTA but my boyfriend does every day for work, so I’ve been giving him my card when I don’t need it so he doesn’t have t…

API management (APIM): What It Is and Where It’s Going

Analyzing the concept of API management (APIM), its benefits, and what it will look like as the API landscape continues to evolve. There are two fundamental truths in the API landscape. So, where does this leave businesses that want to leverage the power of APIs? For starters, they need to invest in an API security […]

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A High-severity bug in F5 BIG-IP can lead to code execution and DoS

Experts warn of a high-severity vulnerability that affects F5 BIG-IP that can lead to arbitrary code execution or DoS condition. A high-severity vulnerability in F5 BIG-IP, tracked as CVE-2023-22374, can be exploited to cause a DoS condition and potentially lead to arbitrary code execution. “A format string vulnerability exists in iControl SOAP that allows an […]

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How to find source of any video on web?

I usually used to inspect any video and get the source URL from there. But the websites upped their security and started using blob URLs. Then I started looking for m3u8 files in the networks tab and used ffmpeg to download them. Now I have started seeing websites that use blob urls and dont even have m3u8’s in network tab. But I know there has to be some way to download these videos because there are other websites where we can paste the video URL and lets you download them. But downloading is not what I want.

What I want is to understand how to get the source of any video on the web. Because I feel if a video is playing on a website there has to be some source it is loading the video from. So are there any more methods other than the 2 I mentioned above? (Getting URL from inspect and m3u8s from networks tab)

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