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Inside Russia’s shambolic mobilisation including rusted guns, 60-year-old tanks & demoralised conscripts surrendering

FOOTAGE has appeared of Russia’s mobilisation in shambles as rusted guns and 60-year-old tanks are handed to demoralised conscripts who prefer to surrender than fight.

Mad Vlad‘s newly-mobilised recruits are being sent to the frontline with shoddy AK-47s that are either jammed or completely covered in rust.


The Russians are accused of ordering a shambolic mobilisation[/caption]

Footage online appears to show conscripts being handed decades-old AK-47s
Twitter/ Visegrad24

The condition of some of the rifles are so bad they barely work[/caption]

Twitter/ Anton Gerashchenko

Other recordings suggest Russia is deploying Soviet-era tanks to the frontline in Ukraine[/caption]

A string of videos surfacing shared by news channel Visegrad24 online show conscripts complaining about the out-of-date kit that is in such disarray that troops have chosen to surrender to Ukrainian forces than fight them.

One recording showed a Russian conscript blasting his officers for handing him a flimsy assault weapon that had layers of rust along its barrel and a jammed cock.

“What are the pistols we’re getting, f****** hell! This is f*****. I’m in f****** awe,” the soldier can be hear saying.

Another clips showed a group of soldiers being handed AK-47s so weathered that the magazine cartridge and barrel are covered in rust and are falling apart.



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The untrained troops are so taken back by the weapons that one says he’s without words by the state of kit he’d received.

Putin’s army has struggled to properly arm the 300,000 conscripts called up for duty and has grown so desperate that it’s allegedly started deploying Soviet-era tanks to the frontline, according to unverified footage released by a senior Ukrainian official.

The video showed six BMP-2s, a T-80 and five T-62 tanks on rail carriages ready for the frontline. The age of each model ranges from between 30 years to 60 years old.

Meanwhile, recently-conscripted fighters in Russian-occupied eastern Ukraine are said to be surrendering in their droves, according to The Sunday Times.

Ksenia Gerasimova, 47, a mental health expert who stayed behind in Izyum when it was occupied by the Russians, told the outlet she found soldiers manning checkpoints on her road who were completely pro-Ukrainian.

“They were miners from Luhansk, and they said they’d been at work one day when their supervisor told them to come up. Then they were taken into the Russian army and sent here,” she said.

“They were all saying that Putin was a d*******, and that the minute they heard the Ukrainians were coming, they’d abandon their guns and run. And that’s what they did.”

Russia’s shambolic approach to mobilisation shows no signs of abating as humiliating footage emerges of drunken conscripts fighting each other as they’re packed into school buses.

Mobilised men are expected to receive just two weeks of training before being shipped off to Ukraine, compared to the six months minimum training which is usually provided.

In one clip, apparently drunk men are seen fighting among themselves next to a bus taking them to a training camp.

A man wearing a military uniform tries to keep order as the new recruits scrap with each other, at one point shoving the recruiter over.

Boxes of supplies are seen next to the group of brawlers.

It isn’t clear where the clip was filmed.

A second extraordinary video appears to show a crate of beer being handed around the new recruits on board a bus heading for a training camp.

Twitter/ Anton Gerashchenko

Soldiers are allegedly being ‘sent to the slaughter’ with out-of-date weapons[/caption]

Twitter/ Visegrad24

One recruit shows the poor condition of his rifle[/caption]

Twitter/ Visegrad24

Conscripts are said to be shocked by the state of their military kit[/caption]

Twitter/ Visegrad24

Some soldiers have gone as far as surrendering to the Ukrainians[/caption]

An officer passes around an enormous bottle of vodka for the conscripts to swig from.

Another video shows drunken new soldiers loudly questioning where they are being taken as they stand around next to a row of buses on a remote road in Russia.

One of the recruits slurs in Russian: “What are we going for? Where are we going? F*** knows!”

A third video shows several drunken conscripts at the Dolinsk-Sokol airbase in Sakhalin, in Russia’s far east.

In the footage, showing men being led across the airfield, one recruit yells to himself while another staggers around, almost falling over at one stage.

A third is unable to stand and appears to have passed out in the grass next to the airfield.

Other images show recruits being led into crumbling yellow school buses due to a shortage of military vehicles in Russia.

It comes as many Russian men have looked for ways to avoid the draft and prevent themselves from being sent to die in Ukraine.

The Russian death toll in Ukraine is already believed to be more than 56,000, with tens of thousands more soldiers wounded.

Reports claim Russian men have been hastily getting married or registering themselves as carers for elderly children in a bid to get out of the war.

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Google searches for “how to break your arm at home” have soared in Russia since Putin’s announcement this week.

Meanwhile, there have been huge tailbacks at the borders and a rush to buy flights out of Russia as men try to beat the cutoff point for leaving the country.

Vlad’s drunken recruits have been filmed fighting each other
Beers are passed around the new recruits on board a bus


Brit woman, 24, dies after plunging from hotel balcony at adults-only resort in Ibiza

A YOUNG British holidaymaker has died on the Spanish island of Ibiza after plunging from a hotel balcony.

The unnamed woman, 24, was pronounced dead at the scene after falling from the second-floor balcony of her room at an adults-only resort near the Ibiza party town of San Antonio.

Her boyfriend was said to have been with her at the time of the horror plunge.

He told police in Spain that she had fallen around 30 feet from the balcony at the Rosamar Hotel.

Paramedics rushed to the scene at around 9am Sunday morning local time (8am BST), but sadly were unable to save her life.

A police investigation has been launched into the circumstances behind the shocking death.


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Woman fighting for life after ‘falling from roller coaster’ as horrified visitors trapped on ride

A YOUNG woman is fighting for her life after being flung out of a ride at a royal fair.

Onlookers were left in shock as the Rebel Coaster threw the 20-year-old from her seat at the Royal Melbourne Show in Australia on Sunday.

A woman in her 20s is fighting for her life after being catapulted from a rollercoaster

Paramedics treated the woman for serious facial injuries at the scene before taking her to hospital in a critical condition.

Others on the ride were left stranded at height on the rollercoaster as it was immediately shut down.

Cops have cordoned off the area as they and event organisers launch an investigation into what happened.

“There was a reported injury on the Rebel Coaster ride today,” The Royal Melbourne Show said in a statement.



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“We are working closely with the ride operator, WorkSafe Victoria and Victoria Police to investigate the issue further, however we can confirm that no one has fallen from the ride. 

“The ride in question will be closed for the foreseeable future and updates will be made as information comes to hand.”

“The safety and well-being of our visitors to the Show is our number one priority.”

They confirmed the visitor had been taken to hospital for further assessment.

The fair is a family-friendly event that runs from September 19 to 29.

It’s the first time the fair has gone ahead in two years after being shut due to Covid restrictions.