• Sources: ByteDance, which is adding thousands of employees to its 40K staff, expects a net loss of ~$1B in 2018 and revenues of $18B this year and $29B in 2020 (Bloomberg)
  • Hacker shares source code of tools from Iranian cyber-espionage unit APT34, alleged personal info of Iranian intelligence officers, and more on Telegram (Catalin Cimpanu/ZDNet)
  • Samsung responds to reports of display issues in Galaxy Fold, says removing the top protective layer or adding adhesives to the main display may cause damage (The Verge)
  • A look at Microsoft’s hardware design labs and how the company designed the Surface Hub 2S (Jeremy Kaplan/Digital Trends)
  • Airbnb leads $160M Series B in debt and equity financing for Lyric, a hospitality platform offering short-term serviced apartments for business travelers (Deanna Ting/Skift)

Pakistan To Get Egyptian Mirage 5 Jets: Report

Pakistan is set to ink a deal with Egypt for a batch of Mirage 5 fighters. The contract with Egypt had been under negotiation for a couple of years, and now PAF is set to receive the fighters belonging to the Egyptian Air Force. International journal…


Su-35 Fighters Delivered To China

Russia has completed deliveries of 24 Sukhoi Su-35 ‘Flanker-E’ multirole fighters to China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF).”The delivery of those platforms to the People’s Republic of China has been completed,” Jane’s reported quoting a…


How to stress my server?

Hey! So I just got a shared hosting server, and I wanted to try and stress test it. Unfortunately, I am unable to access it via the IP for some reason, and most stressing tools need the IP. What to do? submitted by /u/rishirk [link] &#3…


Writing a story and don’t want to fall back on the Movie Logic. What are the names of some frequently used or infamous techniques?

A non-coding description would also be helpful in making sure I’m using the terminology right. I’m wanting to be accurate, but not throw around the actual code that is utilized in some of these methods. Just wanting to make certain that when I say something that I’m using it right and the techniques being written about are generally legitimate ones to provide a bit of more realism to the book.

If it helps, I’m going for an original Deus Ex, fight the Illuminati-style to it, set about half a decade to a decade ago, though that doesn’t need to disinclude techniques more recently come to light.

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India expected to surpass the UK for second place in payment card fraud

Payment card fraud statistics for 2018 Image: Gemini Advisory Due to a booming cybercrime scene, India is expected to surpass the UK in 2019 and become the second-most targeted country for payment card fraud, behind the undisputed leader, the US. According to cybercrime statistics compiled by cyber-security firm Gemini Advisory, over 3.2 million Indian payment card records have been compromised and posted for sale online in 2018, a big jump…