Koadic – COM Command & Control Framework

January 16, 2019

Hello friends!! In this article we are introducing another most interesting tool “KOADIC – COM Command & Control” tool which is quite similar to Metasploit and Powershell Empire. So let’s began with its tutorial and check its functionality. Table of Content Introduction to Koadic Installation of Koadic Usage of Koaidc Koadic Stagers Privilege Escalation with Koadic Implants Post Exploitation Generate Fake Login Prompt Enable Rdesktop Inject Mimikatz Execute Command Obtain…


Windows Applocker Policy – A Beginner’s Guide

January 13, 2019

Hello Friends!! This article is based on “Microsoft Windows – Applocker Policy” and this topic for System Administrator, defines the AppLocker rules for your application control policies and how to work with them. Table of Content Introduction to Applocker What is applocker Policy? Who Should Use AppLocker? What can your rules be based upon? Configure the Applocker to Allow/Deny Execution of an App Configure Enforcement rule Create Default Rules Modify…


Penetration Testing on Group Policy Preferences

December 29, 2018

Hello Friends!! You might be aware of Group Policy Preferences in Windows Server 2008 that allows system administrators to set up specific configurations. It can be used to create username and encrypted password on machines. But do you know, that a normal user can elevate privilege to local administrator and probably compromise the security of the entire domain because passwords in preference items are not secured. Table of Content What…


Exploiting Jenikins Groovy Script Console in Multiple Ways

December 28, 2018

Hello Friends!! There were so many possibilities to exploit Jenikins however we were interested in Script Console because Jenkins has lovely Groovy script console that permits anyone to run arbitrary Groovy scripts inside the Jenkins master runtime. Table of Content Jenkin’s Groovy Script Console Metasploit groovy Groovy executing shell commands -I Groovy executing shell commands -II Jenkin’s Groovy Script Console Jenkins features a nice Groovy script console which allows one…


A Little Guide to SMB Enumeration

December 26, 2018

Enumeration is very essential phase of Penetration testing, because when a pentester established active connection with victim, then he try to retrieve as much as possible information of victim’s machine, which could be useful to exploit further. In this article, we had explore SMB enumeration using Kali Linux inbuilt command-line tools only. Table of Content Nmblookup nbtscan SMBMap Smbclient Rpcclient Nmap Enum4linux nmblookup nmblookup is used to query NetBIOS names…


Defend against Brute Force Attack with Fail2ban

December 24, 2018

Daily we hear some news related to cybercrime just, like, some malicious users or bots has successfully defaced some publicly accessible website or some services. As we always try to explain through our articles, how such types of activities are possible when system is weak configured or misconfigured. Therefore, it is important to build some security measures such as IDS/IPS within firewall to defend your server and clients while configuring…


Multiple Ways To Exploiting HTTP Authentication

December 21, 2018

In this article, we will learn about how to configure the password protected Apache Web Server to restrict from online visitors without validation so that we can hide some essential and critical information to the un-authenticated users and how to penetrate it’s the weak configuration to breach its security and exploit it. Table of Content Introduction to HTTP Basic Authentication Lab Set_up Requirement Set Up Password Authentication Installing the Apache…


Multiple Ways to Exploit Tomcat Manager

December 15, 2018

Hello Friends, today through this article I would like to share my experience “how to exploit Tomcat Manger Application” if you have default login credential (tomcat: tomcat).  While playing CTF, many times I found Apache Tomcat is running in target machine that have configured with default login and this can help us to get remote machine shell. Therefore I feel, I should write all possible ways to exploit tomcat manger…


Comprehensive Guide on Dymerge

December 2, 2018

Hello friends! This article is comprehensive guide on the Dymerge tool. This is a handy little tool that helps you manage all the dictionaries that you’ve created reading through our blog and using all the amazing tools we’ve written about. Table of Content What is Dymerge Installing and Launching Dymerge Standard Merge Fast Mode Removing Duplicates Reverse Listing Alphabetic and Numeric Sorting Defining Output Including Characters Compressing Output Introduction to…


Typhoon: Vulnhub Walkthrough

December 1, 2018

Typhoon VM contains several vulnerabilities and configuration errors. Typhoon can be used to test vulnerabilities in network services, configuration errors, vulnerable web applications, password cracking attacks, privilege escalation attacks, post exploitation steps, information gathering and DNS attacks. Prisma trainings involve practical use of Typhoon. Flag: root-flag Since there are multiple ways in which we can exploit this machine. Therefore we have used two methods to capture the flag as follows:…