Fake EV certificates used in Steam trade phishing attacks

An extremely convincing phishing attack that impersonates a multi-game skin trade bot appears to be using a fake Extended Validation TLS certificate to steal Steam accounts. The phishing site displaying a fake Extended Validation certificate indicator. The ongoing phishing attack impersonates TradeIt.gg, which facilitates the trading of skins, weapons and other in-game commodities within popular games like CS:GO, TF2 and DOTA. When a victim attempts to sign in through Steam…

March 12, 2019

Netcraft’s Android app now available on the Amazon Appstore

Netcraft’s new anti-phishing app, already available in the Google Play store, has just been released to the Amazon Appstore. The iOS app is with Apple for review. Android web browsers lack comprehensive protection against malicious websites, and in most cases only block a small fraction of the sites blocked by their desktop counterparts. The Netcraft app solves this problem by extending our industry-leading phishing protection services to your mobile device….

January 31, 2019

Netcraft releases anti-phishing app for Android

Netcraft has developed a new anti-phishing app for Android to defend against fraudulent sites. The Netcraft app is available now on Google Play, and should shortly be available on the Amazon Appstore. The Netcraft app for iOS is coming soon. Netcraft’s new Android app provides rapid protection against phishing threats, with new attacks blocked as soon as they’re determined to be fraudulent by Netcraft. It offers free protection during a…

January 28, 2019

Manufacturing.gov and White House security suffer under U.S. shutdown

Dozens more U.S. government websites have become inaccessible since last week, when Netcraft highlighted the impact of security certificates expiring during the federal shutdown. As of today, more than 130 TLS certificates used by U.S. government websites have expired without being renewed. Some of these sites are now completely inaccessible in modern browsers due to their strict transport security policies. The latest sites to be affected include some particularly prominent…

January 16, 2019

.gov security falters during U.S. shutdown

Dozens of U.S. government websites have been rendered either insecure or inaccessible during the ongoing U.S. federal shutdown. These sites include sensitive government payment portals and remote access services, affecting the likes of NASA, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the Court of Appeals. The DigiCert certificate used by this U.S. Court of Appeals website expired on 5 January 2019 and has not yet been renewed. The site provides links…

January 10, 2019

December 2018 Web Server Survey

In the December 2018 survey we received responses from 1,656,556,205 sites, 227,839,033 unique domains, and 8,147,795 web-facing computers. This reflects a gain of 4.37 million sites, 1.09 million domains, and 98.9k web-facing computers. Whilst Apache’s server software remains the market leader in most metrics, its share continues to erode in favour of competing products. In December 2018, Apache’s flagship server product, httpd, saw a net decrease of 938k domains (-1.27%…

December 17, 2018

Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in November 2018

Rank Performance Graph OS Outagehh:mm:ss FailedReq% DNS Connect Firstbyte Total 1 GoDaddy.com Inc Linux 0:00:00 0.000 0.448 0.006 0.020 0.021 2 EveryCity SmartOS 0:00:00 0.000 0.237 0.074 0.352 0.352 3 Hyve Managed Hosting Linux 0:00:00 0.000 0.179 0.076 0.153 0.153 4 Webair Linux 0:00:00 0.000 0.348 0.080 0.161 0.161 5 New York Internet (NYI) FreeBSD 0:00:00 0.005 0.554 0.064 0.128 0.128 6 Bigstep Linux 0:00:00 0.005 0.242 0.073 0.148 0.148…

December 5, 2018

October 2018 Web Server Survey

In the October 2018 survey we received responses from 1,673,535,333 sites, 225,042,277 unique domains, and 7,927,795 web-facing computers. This reflects a gain of 31 million sites, 2.4 million domains and 142 thousand web-facing computers. Nginx contributed the majority of this month’s growth in terms of both domains and web-facing computers. Over 1.6 million additional domains were running nginx this month, taking its total up to 52 million. Combined with a…

October 29, 2018

Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in September 2018

Rank Performance Graph OS Outagehh:mm:ss FailedReq% DNS Connect Firstbyte Total 1 Rackspace Linux 0:00:00 0.000 0.732 0.007 0.018 0.018 2 EveryCity SmartOS 0:00:00 0.000 0.239 0.072 0.374 0.374 3 Bigstep Linux 0:00:00 0.000 0.257 0.072 0.145 0.145 4 vXtream Ltd Linux 0:00:00 0.000 0.252 0.075 0.151 0.151 5 CWCS Linux 0:00:00 0.000 0.303 0.083 0.161 0.161 6 ServerStack Linux 0:00:00 0.000 0.265 0.089 0.177 0.177 7 Pair Networks FreeBSD 0:00:00…

October 3, 2018

September 2018 Web Server Survey

In the September 2018 survey we received responses from 1,642,339,233 sites, 222,628,534 unique domains, and 7,785,976 web-facing computers. This reflects gains of 1.1 million unique domains and 28,000 web-facing computers, but a loss of 19 million sites. Despite the overall increase in number of unique domains this month, all of the major web server vendors experienced losses. The largest gains in September came from lesser known server software — Pepyaka…

September 24, 2018