BrandPost: How ‘Mobile-First’ Mindsets for Companies like Uber and Pitney Bowes Are Fueling Business Growth

Connected workforces are vital for today’s enterprises, which count on mobile teams that can share information quickly and easily to increase productivity, efficiency, and flexibility. Many companies have specific needs that are best met with Android solutions. Uber, SAS, and Pitney Bowes are three good examples of how adopting a “mobile-first” mindset translates into innovation and business growth. Scaling the Business Uber began as a peer-to-peer ride sharing company and…

January 15, 2019

How Sonic Drive-In serves up mobile ordering

Reinventing the experience for consumers in the digital age is a daunting evolution for quick-service chains struggling to stay afloat in a sea of similar choices. Sonic Drive-In is taking a bite out of this challenge by pairing its core assets — drive-in stalls and carhops — with mobile and analytics technologies to build a better digital touchpoint for customers. To read this article in full, please click here (Insider…

January 2, 2019

Get 90% Off Your First Year of RemotePC, Up To 50 Computers for $6.95

iDrive has activated a significant discount on their Remote access software RemotePC in these days leading into Black Friday. RemotePC by iDrive is a full-featured remote access solution that lets you connect to your work, home or office computer securely from anywhere, and from any iOS or Android device. Right now, their 50 computer package is 90% off or just $6.95 for your 1st year. If you’ve been thinking about remote access…

November 13, 2018

Smashing Security #103: An Instagram nightmare, crazy iPhone deaths, and election hack claims

November 8, 2018

One travel blogger finds you don’t have to be Kylie Jenner to be targeted by an Instagram hacker. When 40 iPhones at a hospital mysteriously die, what could be the explanation? And, surprise surprise, political parties in the USA are throwing around hacking accusations. All this and much more is discussed in the latest edition of the award-winning “Smashing Security” podcast by computer security veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault,…


Digital transformation on full display at GITEX 2018

As is the case with most tech shows today, digital transformation was front and center at last week’s GITEX technology show in Dubai — the largest such conference in the Middle East. Not only did vendors demonstrate their enabling technologies, but govenment agencies showcased the technology they are using. For most organizations, the top area of focus for digital technologies is improving customer experience. In fact, countless studies indicate that…

October 24, 2018