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H.R. McMaster’s Battlegrounds


Colin Dueck, The National Interest From the author: How can the U.S. gather its energies and reorient its foreign policy so as to best match the domineering challenge from China, without either losing in other directions, or engaging in a kind of stra…

Marine Corps’ Builds New Littoral Regiment


Sydney Freedberg, Breaking Defense The Corps is looking for a unit that is “very low signature and that give us the firepower that we need to be a relevant force that provides consequences, should we get past the deterrence phase,”  Maj. Gen. Kev…

Worldview Matters: Addressing Racial Disparity


Carey H. Cash, Proceedings Several years ago, a noted Oxford professor speaking on the underlying causes of the First World War made the surprising comment, “Metaphysics matters.”1 “Metaphysics,” which literally means above or …

The U.S. Coast Guard Should Guard the U.S. Coasts


Brian Hayes, USNI Blog The puzzle is this: Why should a service which is already doing great and important work, and which has a limited budget and manpower, look for new missions—particularly on the other side of the world? The U.S. Coast Guard…

In Search of a Clear-Eyed U.S. Strategy on Russia


Matthew Sussex, The Strategist (ASPI)
An open letter signed by 103 experts recently called for the U.S. to re-embrace its Cold War strategy for dealing with Russia. It argued that competition should be balanced with diplomacy and identified arenas fo…

Russia’s New Icebreaker Is Heading to the Arctic


Joseph Trevithick, The War Zone Artika, the first of Russia’s new nuclear-powered Project 22220 icebreakers, the largest and most powerful such ship in the world at present, has set sail for its future homeport in Murmansk with plans to plow through i…

Progressives in Navy Blue


Lori Lyn Bogle, Jacob Kinnear & Lucas Almas, Strategy Bridge Progressives in Navy Blue: Maritime Strategy, American Empire, and the Transformation of U.S. Naval Identity, 1873-1898. Scott Mobley. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 2018.

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