Cyber Security Roundup for February 2021

A roundup of UK focused Cyber and Information Security News, Blog Posts, Reports and general Threat Intelligence from the previous calendar month, January 2021.Throughout January further details about the scale and sophistication of SolarWinds suspecte…

February 2, 2021

Lessons Learned from the SolarWinds Hack

Defense is done best in layers Supply chain attacks are one of the trickier challenges for organizations to defend against since they undermine our trust in otherwise trusted systems that we depend on for running our software and protecting our data. I…

January 30, 2021

Open Access to the internet with Protection

Secure Remote Worker Use Case 3: URL Filtering, SaaS Access Control, and Visibility
A cloud-based secure web gateway (SWG) gives cybersecurity teams complete visibility and control over traffic that bypasses the VPN. Consider these two use…

July 21, 2020