Babylon Bee Weak-ly News Update 9/30/2022: Hurricane Ian, Cuban Same Sex Marriage & Depressed Vegans #ChristianSatire #SATIRE #SatireWriters #TheBabylonBee #MaryPatriotNews [Video]

Host Adam Yenser brings you the news of the week, including Hurricane Ian slamming into western Florida, Cuba passing a referendum legalizing same-sex marriage, and a new study coming out that found vegans are depressed twice as often as meat-eaters.Watch the full podcast at a premium subscriber: Official The Babylon Bee Store: The Babylon Bee:Website:

October 3, 2022

The Tyrannical DOJ #LevinTV #LifeLibertyLevin #MarkLevin #MaryPatriotNews [Video]

The despicable raid on Mar-a-Lago perfectly exemplifies the ideological battle we are experiencing between liberty and tyranny. The Department of Justice is headed by radical, political apparatchiks, whose actions seem to be dictated by the Soviet Constitution of 1935, rather than our own. Neither the Espionage Act, nor the Presidential Records Act, nor obstruction apply to the President of the United States. The Democrats will do anything to try to crush Donald Trump. They will fail.Subscribe to LevinTV YouTube: here to check out Mark Levin’s Facebook page: here to watch more Mark Levin on BlazeTV:

October 1, 2022

Where’s Jackie? Trish Regan Show S3/E170 #FoxBusinessNetwork #FoxNews #FoxNewsChannel #TheTrishReganShow #TrishIntel #TrishRegan #TrishReganIntel #MaryPatriotNews [Video]

#trishregan #Trishreganshow #news #politics At the hunger event in Washington DC today, a confused President asks: “Where’s Jackie?”Don’t forget to sign up for my EXCLUSIVE LIVE TOWN HALL event on Wednesday, Oct 12 at 2pm…It’s all happening on my Locals channel https://TrishRegan.Locals.comToday’s links:https://TrishRegan.locals.comhttps://LegacyPMInvestments.com

September 29, 2022

Biden’s Stuck in His Own Climate Claptrap Vortex #LevinTV #LifeLibertyLevin #MarkLevin #MaryPatriotNews [Video]

Joe Biden fancies himself an expert meteorologist and climatologist. This week, as he spoke to world leaders at the United Nations Climate summit, he pontificated on the virtues of Green energy while chastising any doubters about climate change. But, as Mark points out, there’s no such thing as clean energy. And Biden is leading America down a path of green energy destruction. For more LevinTV: here to check out Mark Levin’s Facebook page: here to watch more Mark Levin on BlazeTV:

September 27, 2022