Getting death threats from a big corporation.

Okay so for a little background, I bought a product via legitimate avenues, the product used to belong to a very big business, they were upset and instead of asking for it back, they started sending me death threats, then threats on my girlfriend, her family and finally my family members.

Please assume this is an actual credible threat.

I DO have a police case open already.

But my main concern is that they got hold of a pin of my location. Not my exact location, but near enough that it has me worried about how they did it.

I don’t have my address stored anywhere online, my IP pings several towns over, my social profiles don’t have my address either. The same goes for my girlfriend. and to top it off, we recently moved in to this location, so no physical documents or friends have this location either.

What other ways would there be to get hold of a rough pin of my rough location?

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August 31, 2019

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August 31, 2019