Upgrade from Amcrest IP3M-943B outdoor camera to Amcrest UltraHD 4K (8MP) POE camera

Coming from a 3MP wifi camera, this 8MB (4K) POE camera brings in huge improvement both on the connectivity and quality of the image. I was relying on wifi with my old setup, and it is prone to connection issue, so I bite he bullet and change everything to POE, which it doesn’t only give solid connection without any problem, plus it’s cleaner from my setup as I don’t have to put in a power adapter near my camera. As you can see from my setup, it’s being mounted outdoor on a diy metal junction box, where the cat6 cable is being passed through metal conduit. The only additional setup I need to put in is a poe switch, which is a no brainer to setup.

Including the camera to my existing blue iris setup is smooth without any problem. Picture quality is an upgrade for sure, especially I’m having it in my garage area on the alley, the increased resolution allows me to see license plates from any cars easily, and at night time the picture quality is totally usable (I’ll add picture soon).

The camera enclosure also gives a modern feeling with streamline design. One thing that I encounter as a small issue is the camera mount, which my old IP3M-943B mounts with 3 screws, which this 4k poe camera mounts on 4 screws. So I just had to drill new set of holes on my junction box, but no big deal.

I also notice the amcrest chrome extension no longer works, but may be it applies to both the 3MP wifi and this new 8MP POE camera.

In any case, I’d totally recommend this camera for those who wants to monitor your home outdoor with high resolution footage.

PS. for some reason I can’t upload pictures…

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November 6, 2020