Need cheap-ish outdoor IP camera suggestions for a project

Hey folks-

I have a project that needs a couple of cheap IP cameras and looking for suggestions. I just bought a house that has a garage door that exits on to a street. The garage door is right at the edge of the street, meaning that it’s nearly impossible to see if there is traffic coming from either direction until I’m actually in the street. I have a couple Blink cameras that I intended to mount outside over the garage door to be able to view the street traffic before backing out. There are 2 issues. First, I can only view one camera at a time, and second there is a ~2s delay. So even if I toggled between the two cams, there could be a car coming from the first direction by the time I viewed both cams. Ideally, I’d like to find a way to view both my Blink cams at once, but from what I’ve read, this is just impossible.

So here’s what I need. Two basic IP cams. Resolution not important. Heck, they could be b/w for all I care. I need to see the image with as little lag time as possible. Ideally battery powered, as there is no good power source nearby. I’d rather that it’s NOT motion activated, but rather only turns on when I’m viewing the feed (this would be to save battery life). I’d like something that doesn’t look expensive and has a small form factor as possible to blend in (I live in a historic district), which also means no solar. So I guess I’m looking for a Blink-like camera that not a Blink.

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November 21, 2022